Water Transfer Printing Price List

Adaptive Graphx offers competitive pricing and superior quality

The following price list gives an overview of dipping costs for items that are often seen in our water image printing facility. Please contact us if there is an item you do not see on the list, or if you have a custom project. OEM/volume pricing is also available. We look forward to helping you find just the right look for your water transfer printing project.

  • Firearms

    All items must be disassembled and cleaned before arriving at Adaptive

    Shotgun, rifle, muzzle loader (entire gun less scope and accessories) - $155

    Double barrel (barrel only, non-stainless) - $65

    AR - $245 - 295

    Stock - $90 - 110

    Scope with rings (waiver signed) - $40

    Pistol (waiver signed, no warranty on friction parts) - $90 - 110

    Custom - Call for pricing

  • Archery

    Accessories (sights, stabilizer, quiver, rest), group or individual - $25 each

    Compound bow (complete), waiver signed - $175

    Compound bow (riser and limbs only), waiver signed - $110

    Cross bow stock - $145

    Recurve bow - $90 - 110

  • Taxidermy (Skulls)

    Skulls must be european style, clean, dry and oil free. Warranty does not apply due to oils and moisture. Teeth will be processed unless specified by customer in writing that the teeth are NOT to be processed. An additional fee will be added to protect teeth from processing. Adaptive Graphx will not be responsible for removing, lost, damaged, cracked or missing teeth.

    Black bear, mountain lion, whitetail/mule deer (and smaller size skulls) - $40 and up

    Elk, caribou (or similar size skulls) - $60 and up

    Taping the teeth on any skull - Add $10 - 15

  • Automotive

    Please note that ground effects, spoilers, scoops, consuls, brush guards, handles mirrors and other items not listed require a custom quote.

    Dash boards $200 - $500 (price quote needed per automobile).

    Fender flares - $175

    Instrument pad (for door panels) - $30 per pair

    Bug shield - $80

    Window deflectors - $40 each

    Wheel size 14inch below - $45 per wheel

    Wheel size 15 to 18 inch - $65 per wheel

    Wheel size 19 inch and up - $75 per wheel

    Color matching for any item - Add $80

  • Motorcycles and ATVs

    Sport bike; full fairing - $450 and up

    Cruiser; front fender, rear fender tank - $325 and up

    ATV; fenders, tank, side skirting - $350 and up

    Snowmobile; hood, instrument panel/knee area - $450 and up

    Motocross; front fender, tank, rear fender - $300 and up

  • Helmets

    Full face (street bike style) - $80 and up

    Half face, bucket, open face (motocross style) - $60 and up

    Bicycle (kids size) - $40 and up

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